Share Your Trash Habits

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: Broken rocking chair from curb+hay bale twine=the fourth R, relaxation by K.Muncie on Flickr.

On Sunday, May 10, I put out a call for my friends on twitter. I asked them to share their trash habits and what they do for the environment. Here are the results:

The Query

robotchampion: Friends, I’m interested in ur trash habits, share one thing u do for environment..reduce-reuse-recycle. Send responses w/ #acleanlife tag

The Answers

robotchampion: ive made a bigger effort to recycle all paper in my life, including carrying stuff around and from work to recycle bin at home

kmallwein: still more to do but traditional trash recycling + turn stuff & magazines into art

selil: i only have one computer for work and home thereby keeping my stuff in one place and removing need to print stuff.

selil: In a family of seven we combine loads of a laundry so every load is a full load. saves a ton of water.

kufflink: my wife washes ziplock freezer bags.

kmallwein: when the weather’s nice I dry clothes outside – nice fresh smell and saves electricity

robotchampion – I removed my trash can at work to see of I can reduce my worked and now I’m trying it in my bedroom at home

blairDC: i use a 100% recyclable/reusable bag for groceries (it replaces 50 plastic bags!)

j3: Clean Currents 100% windpower for our house, only about 8% more than regular Pepco Coal.

kmallwein: Electric lawnmower dead (+10yrs old) – have to dig out the push mower that I just bought to go totally green

kmallwein: My new push mower is very green but it doesn’t do weeds very well which is mostly what my yard consists of right now #conundrum

robotchampion: 4 mothers day instead of mailing card, saved paper/CO2, wrote a post and asked siblings to comment –

deyarrison: I only purchase products with recyclable packaging. I give Kleen Kanteens and tote bags as gifts to help others reduce too.

We’re Throwing Party!

A Clean Life has partnered up with Amy Senger of 1X57 to bring you our first charity event!

It will be on Thursday, May 21 during the happy hour of 7pm.

The location is in Washington DC, soon to be announced. In attendance will be anywhere from 100-150 interesting people.

Register now to attend!

Since it is a charity event there is a suggested donation amount of $25 that will be tax deductible (and include a receipt). Never too early to get your tax deductions..

Tell your friends and relatives 🙂

Also, we are looking for interesting people to contribute. Our needs are:

  • Sponsorships
  • Raffle Items (gift cards, cheap and expensive bottles of whisky, etc.)
  • Amateur Photographers (and videographers too)
  • Chef desserts, fresh made
  • Tech angle (twttr mash-up, live streaming, etc.)
  • Also, send any interesting ideas you may have…


Our First Donation

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our journey.

May 1, 2009 is the day when A Clean Life officially begins.

We are thrilled to begin and so is our grammy. She sent along the first donation of 30 dollars. Like any proud business we are going to tape it up on our wall. Except this is the internet so we have to go digital.

For our digital dollar we have this post and a series of photographs to commemorate. Enjoy!


This our grammy
This our grammy

My Birthday Card

My Birthday Card
My Birthday Card

inside of card from grammy
inside of card from grammy

Dear “Stevie”

Have a really great time on your special day!

(in her own writing)

Have a lovely birthday – just a little something to start your dreams of a clean life.

Love You.


Our First Donation

thx grammy!
thx grammy!

Her Tax Receipt

A Clean Life

California Non-Profit Corporation

501(c)3 corporation (application pending)

Dear Grammy,

Thank you for your donation to A Clean Life.

This writing is to confirm your contribution and serve as a donation receipt for tax purposes.

We received your cash contribution of $$$ on May 1, 2009. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

Your donation is eligible for a tax deduction following applicable IRS and State guidelines.

Thanks again for your support!


Steven Mandzik, President, A Clean Life

Spencer Mandzik, Vice President, A Clean Life

For more information about our programs, services, and how your donation will be used please visit:

A Clean Life

19141 Randi Lane

Huntington Beach, CA 92646