Good Food at Busboys

A few months ago, Amy and I met with the founder of Busboys and Poets, Andy Shallal, at his new restaurant Eatonville. He entranced us as he delved into his social beliefs and the incorporation of this ethic into his restaurants. My favorite example was the Arab/Israeli roundtables, where each person is allowed to speak but not argue, I could not imagine those conversations.

This Wednesday, September 2, at 7pm his Shirlington (south Arlington, VA) location is going to focus on food. They are partnering with Media that Matters to have a special screening of Good Food. These are penetrating short documentaries  on different aspects of food from fair trade peanuts, to inner city Baltimore kids, to genetically modified crops, and more. You can also watch them online here to get a sneak peek. I think they are informative and entertaining, not just expose’s that drone on (on avg about 5 mins long).

Afterwards, there will be some short discussion which I will be a part of. We will be discussing food, sustainability, and answering any of your questions. If you’re looking to make a change and need help, looking to learn more, or just want to join the local food community, stop on by!

Also, keep your eye out for more events like this. Busboys and Poets does this monthly on the first Wednesday as part of their series called GRaSP (Green Resources and Sustainable Practice).

Busboys and Poets Hosts Good Food

by Media that Matters

supported by A Clean Life

Wednesday, September 2, 7pm


Shirlington Busboys and Poets

4251 South Campbell Ave

Arlington, VA 22206

(703) 379-9757


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