My First Christmas Tree

This year I bought my first Christmas tree and like everything I do, it had to be sustainable. It was surprisingly easy. I found a company at the local farmers market that rents out living trees. They deliver it in a big pot (with dirt and all) and pick it up after the New Year. It was bit pricey at $80.

Next we bought red berries ($5) and baby sprouts ($3) from the flower vendor at the farmers market. A little red and white to trim the tree. Some pine cones from a hike a few weeks back. A wreath for the door ($15). And then all the ornaments we could scrounge.

The hardest item to find was a proper tree skirt. The selection and quality from the online stores was scary bad. The big box stores all had factory stamped expensive skirts ($100+). I was looking for a little holiday style and so I headed to the Renegade Craft Fair and found the perfect skirt for $48.

Add a few presents and it’s the perfect Christmas tree – supported by local artisans, farmers, and startups.

Some photos of the journey.

living christmas tree just delivered
Our living tree was just delivered – you can see the dirt on the pot.


final version of the christmas tree 2013
The final version of the tree with all the trimmings.


christmas tree skirt renegade craft fair 2013
Our Christmas tree skirt at the Renegade Craft Fair.



top of the christmas tree
Close-up of the top of the tree – you can see the red Brazil berries and the white baby sprouts.


wreath on our door
And our natural wreath on our front door – purchased at the farmers market.


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