Springtime at the Dupont Farmers Market


The Dupont Farmers Market is the premier market in Washington D.C.

It is open “year round, rain or shine” and it has 2 rows of stalls, around 10-20 hawkers (depending on the season). Also depending on the season are the goods available. With each visit you can find the same reliable farmers and a rotating sprinkling of others, each bringing you the latest seasonal fare.

And there is nothing like rain or shine, especially in DC. This city is swampland and pretty murky stuff at that (the HBO mini-series John Adams, part 6, shows the city being un-swamped). Meaning that we can have all sorts of great and horrible weather. It is fantastic to have a market open all year round and available through the conditions.

Today was a perfect spring day so I ventured down to the market with Fuzzles in tow. The location is very convenient for peds/bikers since it is right next to Dupont Circle (20th between Mass and Q) and the Dupont metro. Drivers can find parking but you will have to head a few blocks away to the residentials (try 21st and O).

Man was the place packed. Everything had a line and there were even street singers and a jewelry vendor. I had forgotten what spring/summer was like at the market. For the past 6 months it was just us locavores and crunchies.

Street View of Dupont Market
Street View of Dupont Market

The regulars were there. My favorite Keswick Creamery where I bought my cheese and yogurt. The mushroom lady, seafood and fish toughins, the two bread shops, and a few seasonal vegetable farmers.

However, being Spring and good weather, about 10 new shops had popped in. The seasonal fare this early in Spring were a lot of greens and kale, apples, and beets. There was also a strong showing of dairy products, which I love.

Even the Fresh Farm folks were there (organizers of the market) making mini salads for anyone who came by.

A few things the market could add to make it a primo destination are a fun place to park the animals and a compost bin. Right now most pups are tied up behind the stalls or to a tree. It would be nice to have a friendly dog zone, where we could leash our pups and let them socialize whilst we vegetate.

The compost bin should be standard. I’m sure dealing with all the trash produced at the market is a problem, so why not use a compost bin to help the load (I sent on an inquiry to the Fresh Farms folks to see if I can take this one on).

Well to end it all, I brought home some swedish greens, lesher and cheddar cheese, fresh milk, and some yogurt.

Pups and I hoofed it home a little tired after some good walking. Where I prepared a salad with the greens, cheese, herbs, and chile’s. Then sat down with some iced coffee (using the fresh milk) to write this post.

my take at the market
my take at the market
my salad and coffee from the market
...turned into salad and coffee

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