Dining Out: A Clean Life-style

I’m proud to announce a new feature!

With Washington, DC’s burgeoning local food movement, more and more restaurants are offering seasonal fare from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and yeah, sometimes West Virginia.

While local offerings at becoming increasingly popular, there are still hurdles. Wine is a foregone conclusion (there are local wines?), asking where food comes from is considered rude (it’s a just a carrot, ok!), and trying to leave without a piece of styrofoam…good luck with that.

It is such an incredible experience that Amy and I are hooked. We’ll be visiting all the sustainable establishments in the region and reporting back to you.

In a new feature called, Dining Out: A Clean Life-Style, Amy will be writing reviews of our dining adventures, chef interviews, and even stories of the dirty underbelly of the local food scene.

As a writer and critic, Amy is quite talented: she has earned the respect of the best local chefs, has a keen eye for vibe and atmosphere, a deep understanding of local food, farmers, and sustainability, and, of course, she has a great way with words (including a new screenplay coming out soon).

Check out her first review of the newest restaurant on the scene, Eola!

6 thoughts on “Dining Out: A Clean Life-style”

  1. Get out to the 'burbs & check our Maple Avenue Restaurant. http://www.mapleaverestaurant.com/ The are the 1st & only (so far) green certified restaurant in Vienna. We've eaten there a couple times. Food was innovative and delish!

    An article in the Connection newspapers says:
    “Maple Ave, a mom and pop restaurant in the heart of Vienna, opened its doors for the first time in August. Maple Ave was awarded green certification due to its green activities that they put to use every day by recycling used cooking oil into bio-diesel fuel, eliminating usage of Styrofoam, using biodegradable carry-out containers and bags, implementing a recycling program, using natural lighting, and purveying local, sustainable and organic food.

    Chef owner Tim Ma emphasizes the use of local, sustainable and organic food that can be seen throughout the menu. For additional information, contact Joey Hernandez, General Manager at 703-772-1197 or e-mail at Joey@mapleaverestaurant.com.”

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