Message from a Concerned Member of the World

Poster: Spence

Who’s this?: your friend.

What is this?: my first post, also ->

(in Commemoration of the First Official Day of this Organization)

Hello anyone who is witness to this text, and Hello to any future readers who will read this post.  I have given an in-advance greeting in order to make an instant connection with you. YOU! Do you feel the love? See, now we already have the connection that I wanted, or at least I wish we do. Where I am going with this? Continue reading.

This disconnection between and within humans and our surrounding environment is one thing I would like to address.  I feel that we are losing touch with the things that matter, and we are being distracted by the material things that absorb our world. These things called possessions are temporary and fleeting, that exemplify and further our lustful needs.  Everyone must have experienced this unsatisfying moment where you feel the need to keep collecting and upgrading the objects in our life.  These things might not even be necessary, where we take for granted what we have.  Health, Safety, Education, Food, Water: the simpler things that some people around the world are desperate for.  We sometimes pine for what we think we need (including myself).  To clarify, I’m not a minimalist [maybe in the future], but excess and wastefulness are illogical actions that consume my mind. Appropriately enough, the word consume applies to this non-profit.  Actually, how we consume applies to conditions of the present and future of our town, city, state, country, continent, and Earth (aka Gaia, World, Globe, Home).

Home: a place you respect and take care of.  Now, why not apply this to wherever you are? Are you at home or outside of your home for most of the day?  So then, your home is wherever  you are at that moment.  You might have a place to settle and relax, but your daily life can consist of an uncalculated amount of places and environments.  Why not make an impact wherever you go? ( socially, environmentally, physically, whatever way you see fit).  However, according to this organization, our focus is the conservation of waste. Consciously think about what you buy and minimize the excess and waste that comes from this. This is something I feel strongly about.  Make this connection again. With your neighborhood, your friends, your strangers, your path throughout the day.  We are not only members of this created and structured land, but rather guests upon a land that has existed and gloriously provided for every creature on earth.  Respect her, and minimalize the impact you have on her, because it’s our home, everywhere.

PS: Now if you didn’t read all this or just want the cliff notes, here you go:

Simplify + Condense + Minimalize + Reduce  = Happier Earth

The connection/association/importance/emphasis on the people and places you encounter will bring for a greater global community that will prove the necessity we have for each other, and appreciation of the land we inhabit.