Spotted: DC Resident Philippe Cousteau in Gulf Oil Spill

Rad. Philippe is down in the gulf. The reports are coming out very heroic and being blasted over CNN and the major news sites.

Here is one CNN report:

Philippe Cousteau Jr, the grandson of famous marine biologist, Jacques Cousteau, recently scuba dived into an area of the Gulf that was affected by the spill and said it was an “absolute nightmare”.

Cousteau also said that a chemical dispersant being used to absorb the oil isn’t working as it should be.

“We were about 15 to 20 feet down and it was dispersed into smaller and smaller particles throughout the water column in these billowing clouds that were just circling us, encompassing us in this toxic soup,” Cousteau told CNN.

“It was very, very alarming.”

Cousteau also wrote on his blog that his grandfather, Jacque would have been “horrified” by the spill.

A quick glance over to Philippe’s blog shows that he is indeed on-site and writing about it:

…as the oil penetrates the vegetation it kills it and leaves bare soil to be washed away, which will decimate this once vital and productive eco-system. “We are seeing birds covered in oil during the height of nesting season and tar is washing up on the beaches,” they explained. There was real concern in their voices, people who have grown up here and who are now watching the entire ecosystem and economic bases of the community fall apart before their eyes.

Finally, a video that looks like CNN reporter Sam Champion bogarted Philippe. Reporting all the same stuff as Philippe but doing so in the first person and even showing himself diving in the water (they do eventually talk about Philippe). Hmmm, who do you think is the real diver here?