This Week in Links – Greenerize

Since I began down this path to become the ultimate Trashman I am getting so many links from friends and family. They are amazing and perfect discussion starters, so thanks everyone! Keep em coming.

Valley Farm, West Wratting
Valley Farm, West Wratting

Rather than read them and realize all this ultimate knowledge myself I decided to share them with the world. Here they are, enjoy.

And, finally an amazing slideshow about bottled water from Scott McKimmey:

A Clean Life Weekly Newsletter – Googlizer

Wow another week has passed in our clean lives. In looking back at the last newsletter I realized how quickly my operations are going, and that is great. The first goal in starting this business was to move extremely fast.

California State Route 1
California State Route 1 by goodrob13
I have quickly learned the lay of the land here in Southern California through field visits to business and in working with family and friends. The short and dirty of the sentiment is that everyone is extremely supportive but no one is doing anything. What!?

Southern California has a big city mentality of being too busy and expecting someone else to tell them when to reduce their waste. It’s kind of embarrassing the lack of social consciousness so many exhibit. With millions of people living in this area I have my work cut out for me.

Which means I’m hitting the mattresses and going back to my roots, grassroots building that is. I’m starting to formulate a 6 month strategy to raise that social consciousness and will even begin completely rewriting our corporate strategic plan to reflect this.

In other news, on Thursday my housemates (brothers, parents) put out our landfill can for the trashmen with it being only 1/3 full. Amazing! In one week we have already massively reduced our waste output. In fact, this reduction is without any of us changing our shopping habits instead just getting better at recycling and introducing composting into our household.

So, I have laid out a new goal for us….to become the first Southern California zero waste household!

All right well there is so much more going on, but for now I’ll end with our next fundraiser. It’s going to be July 12 from 4-6pm at Eastwinds in Huntington Beach. Save the date!