City farming becomes a social cause (and other news)

“A lot of us didn’t set out to farm for a living, to have that be what we did all day,” said Greg Strella, 24, who came to MICA to become a sculptor and graduated a farmer. “I certainly didn’t feel that way even 12 months ago.”

But there he is, under a straw hat, atop a tractor, managing Great Kids Farm, a 33-acre organic spread owned by Baltimore’s school system.

More young people are turning up at seminars on sustainable agriculture, said Jeff Schahczenski…he credits the Food Network for promoting foodie culture and movies like Food, Inc. for criticizing industrial agriculture.

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WASHINGTON, July 31, 2009 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today encouraged consumers to visit their local farmers markets in honor of National Farmers Market Week, which will take place from August 2-8.

“One of the Obama Administration’s top priorities is to make sure that all Americans – especially children – have access to fresh, nutritious food, and USDA’s ongoing support of farmers markets is important to reaching that goal,” Secretary Vilsack said. “At the same time, farmers markets help support small family farms, help revitalize rural communities, and often promote sustainable agricultural practices.”

Currently, nearly 4,900 farmers markets operate nationwide, up from 4,685 in 2008.

my comment – nearly a 5% increase in recession!

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By the Secretary of Agriculture of the USA


WHEREAS more than 4,400 farmers markets across the country offer consumers farm-fresh affordable, convenient, and healthful products such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, herbs, fish, flowers, baked goods, meat and much more; and

WHEREAS farmers markets serve as integral links among urban, suburban, and rural communities, affording farmers and consumers the opportunity to interact; and

WHEREAS the popularity of farmers markets continues to rise as more and more consumers discover the joys of shopping…

WHEREAS farmers markets support local anti-hunger initiatives through donations…

WHEREAS our Nation’s farmers are among the best steward of our land; and

WHEREAS the USDA strongly supports and promotes the development, operation, and expansions of farmers markets and other direct to consumer activities…

I, Edward T. Schafer, Secretary of the US Dept of Agriculture, do hereby proclaim the week of August 3-9 as National Farmers Market Week.

I encourage the people of the US to celebrate the benefits of farmers markets and the bountiful production of our Nation’s farmers…this 15th day of July 2008.

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