A Visit to Farmers Markets in Long Beach and Huntington Beach

2539937014_f55ecebf38Long Beach

A visit to Long Beach is always exciting for me. I love its small city charm mixed in with the grit of its bigger city (LA) next door. The downtown farmers market was no different.

Some details on the market is that its open from 9-4 on Fridays and is at Long Beach Blvd and 5th Street next to the Walmart in a big shopping center. They shut down two full roads of traffic for the vendors which means their are a lot of them. The vendors range from east asian farmers to regular farmers, jamaican art dealers to watch and jewelry repair. It’s safe to say that you have many options at this market.

Some quick items that struck my fancy…there are numerous vendors selling cooked food. These restaurants on the go were nearly everywhere and not something you usually see at a farmers markets…If you want to buy a vegetable, wait on it, there are so many options you are bound to get a better deal as you walk…and brush up or practice your spanish, this is a good place to talk to friendly bilingual farmers.

Definitely visit this market if you get a chance!


a farmers market in san francisco by Swami Stream on Flickr
A farmers market in San Francisco by Swami Stream on Flickr

Huntington Beach

I did not have high expectations for the Huntington Beach farmers market. I assumed their would be more art vendors than food ones. I was pleasantly suprised, though, we found more food vendors and even caught an acrobatic show on the pier right afterwards.

The market is open on Fridays from 1-5 and is open all year round. You can find it next to the pier, northside. It is a small market but just right for me. Some prefer larger ones with more selection and the ability to shop around. Not me, I like just the right amount of vendors where its small enough to have a friendly chat with each one.

As Spence and I shopped around we noticed that many of the vendors here were the same ones at the downtown LB market. Strange but I guess they are getting big-time in the markets. Anyway, there were a variety of food options including honey, mediterranean, fish, mexican, bread, and nuts in addition to the multiple produce vendors.

As always there were art vendors and goods for sale. Many of them quite beautiful. We were on limited time and so had to skip that this time.

The best benefit of this market for me is that its close to where I live and there’s nothing like shopping for food on the beach. This may become my go-to market.

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