Recycling in DC, Arlington, Fairfax, Montgomery, Prince Georges

**This is cross posted on the Navstar blog, where I am the new Director of Green IT**

You may have recently read that Navstar introduced our Green IT program. We are very excited about this business line and the opportunity it provides for us to make a difference and help our community.

With that in mind we are happy to provide some green tips in our blog to help our local community.


Did you know that most of us recycle less than we can?

In some communities we recycle up to 50% less than is possible. Your first explanation for this would be that a lot of us don’t care and are lazy. We dispute this claim.

In our experience, time and time again, we find that simply educating folks works. It works wonders.

To do our part we looked into our local counties/cities and their recycling programs. We found many helpful pages provided below. Each link takes you to an information page about recycling for that community.

A tip for these pages is to check back regularly. Most municipalities add to the list every year; I mean why not, the more they recycle the less it cost. That’s right, recyclable materials get sold as a commodity whereas they pay to landfill our trash.

Lastly, if you’ve got a little green in your heart we recommend creating a recyclables list. It helps you to memorize what can be recycled and you can post the list for your housemates to read.

This Week in Links – Greenerize

Since I began down this path to become the ultimate Trashman I am getting so many links from friends and family. They are amazing and perfect discussion starters, so thanks everyone! Keep em coming.

Valley Farm, West Wratting
Valley Farm, West Wratting

Rather than read them and realize all this ultimate knowledge myself I decided to share them with the world. Here they are, enjoy.

And, finally an amazing slideshow about bottled water from Scott McKimmey:

Share Your Trash Habits

Every couple of Sundays I put out a question for my friends on twitter. I ask them to update me on their trash habits and what they do for the environment. Below is my query from June 7 and here is one from May 10

The Query


The Answers

bindr we always use our made-from-recycled-material bags for grocery shopping so we don’t use disposable packaging #acleanlife

kttobin @robotchampion I refilled my water bottle at the baseball game, rather than use a new plastic one. #acleanlife

cheeky_geeky @robotchampion I kept myself isolated from the world so as no to do it harm. #acleanlife #opentointerpretation

lizdanzer @robotchampion #acleanlife I stopped buying cds and now instead use itunes to buy all my music! All that unnecessary plastic is saved.

cacner Srsly @robotchampion I make my own potting soil from compost & peat moss. Made ~5 cu yd and still have more compost #acleanlife

robotchampion #acleanlife – i spent hours this week removing the tape from my mailed home packages so i could recycle the paper

blairDC skipping out on rooftop parties @beaconskybar & donovan house. #lazybones but making enviro contribution by not driving #acleanlife :-p

robotchampion #acleanlife – strange but true, for the environment im asking everyone in my household to call it the landfill bin, not trash bin…

krazykriz Brought my own bags to the grocery store. #acleanlife (@robotchampion)

mcpaige @robotchampion Ive not bought water bottles still. #plastic

kstreetkate@robotchampion 1 thing I do for the environment? I handle green collar jobs for DC Dept of Employment Services… that’s a ton!!

j3@robotchampion weird one for you: I only write on unlined paper. Fit more, use less, more creative & flexible.

mrmerlot@acleanlife @robotchampion found a new way to conserve, a vitamix blender: throw in full fruits, veggies, blends to perfection! yum!

how to build community

Share Your Trash Habits

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle: Broken rocking chair from curb+hay bale twine=the fourth R, relaxation by K.Muncie on Flickr.

On Sunday, May 10, I put out a call for my friends on twitter. I asked them to share their trash habits and what they do for the environment. Here are the results:

The Query

robotchampion: Friends, I’m interested in ur trash habits, share one thing u do for environment..reduce-reuse-recycle. Send responses w/ #acleanlife tag

The Answers

robotchampion: ive made a bigger effort to recycle all paper in my life, including carrying stuff around and from work to recycle bin at home

kmallwein: still more to do but traditional trash recycling + turn stuff & magazines into art

selil: i only have one computer for work and home thereby keeping my stuff in one place and removing need to print stuff.

selil: In a family of seven we combine loads of a laundry so every load is a full load. saves a ton of water.

kufflink: my wife washes ziplock freezer bags.

kmallwein: when the weather’s nice I dry clothes outside – nice fresh smell and saves electricity

robotchampion – I removed my trash can at work to see of I can reduce my worked and now I’m trying it in my bedroom at home

blairDC: i use a 100% recyclable/reusable bag for groceries (it replaces 50 plastic bags!)

j3: Clean Currents 100% windpower for our house, only about 8% more than regular Pepco Coal.

kmallwein: Electric lawnmower dead (+10yrs old) – have to dig out the push mower that I just bought to go totally green

kmallwein: My new push mower is very green but it doesn’t do weeds very well which is mostly what my yard consists of right now #conundrum

robotchampion: 4 mothers day instead of mailing card, saved paper/CO2, wrote a post and asked siblings to comment –

deyarrison: I only purchase products with recyclable packaging. I give Kleen Kanteens and tote bags as gifts to help others reduce too.