A Clean Life Weekly Newsletter – Getting My Feet Wet

I don’t know about you but the big question on my mind is…

Just what are you doing now?

Most of you probably know that I recently relocated to Southern California from Washington DC. It was an amazing trip home with Amy Senger (aka the Bear). She got me home safe and in love (with her, but that’s another story).

Getting home was the easy part. Now it’s ‘game time’ for me to start building momentum for the causes of A Clean Life. In that regard I am systematically building up my new network, developing leads, and learning this new environment. My first visits were:

Whole Foods (long beach and tustin)
REI (huntington beach)
Costco (tustin)
Mother’s Market (hb and irvine)
American Apparel (hb)

At each one I have learned about their current processes, received a point of contact for the ‘green’ operations, and gone about setting up a follow-up to meeting. The goal is to help each operation expand what they can do or share their leadership with others in the community (i.e. creating local business clubs).

I have also been helping my new roommates (my brothers and parents) learn just what this is all about. I have made sure to be home from 4-8pm when they are arriving home. We chat and talk about our day. These moments are perfect ‘lifestyle change points’ because it gives me chance to catch them during their daily routines and help/ask them to modify the habit. Its only been 4 days but so far its working. Just today my Dad came home excited about ‘reusing’ some bags.

I am very proud of them and also very patient. I know that it will take time. Though, I do know that once I get my home base set-up as a foundation I can quickly spread this to other households.

On another front I am proud to announce the mentorship of Spencer Mandzik. He is the Vice President of this non-profit and has started picking up duties. We make a good team so far and I think he is picking this business up fast. I do love teaching and helping others (especially my brother) and its also nice to have a ‘partner in crime’, so thanks Spence for…well, being you!

Ok, well time to wrap it up. Some movings and shakings in our clean lives are:

  • Sunday Dunch at the Mandzik Lodge (1-4pm, this Sunday, June 7)
  • SouthCali Launch Party at Eastwinds HB (Early July)
  • Executive Cocktail Hour at <location needed> (late July)
  • After Hours Party at Eastwinds HB (early August)