Recycling in DC, Arlington, Fairfax, Montgomery, Prince Georges

**This is cross posted on the Navstar blog, where I am the new Director of Green IT**

You may have recently read that Navstar introduced our Green IT program. We are very excited about this business line and the opportunity it provides for us to make a difference and help our community.

With that in mind we are happy to provide some green tips in our blog to help our local community.


Did you know that most of us recycle less than we can?

In some communities we recycle up to 50% less than is possible. Your first explanation for this would be that a lot of us don’t care and are lazy. We dispute this claim.

In our experience, time and time again, we find that simply educating folks works. It works wonders.

To do our part we looked into our local counties/cities and their recycling programs. We found many helpful pages provided below. Each link takes you to an information page about recycling for that community.

A tip for these pages is to check back regularly. Most municipalities add to the list every year; I mean why not, the more they recycle the less it cost. That’s right, recyclable materials get sold as a commodity whereas they pay to landfill our trash.

Lastly, if you’ve got a little green in your heart we recommend creating a recyclables list. It helps you to memorize what can be recycled and you can post the list for your housemates to read.