A Clean Life Touchpoints

A touchpoint is the moment when a person interfaces with your product. This can occur before, during, or after a transaction. In the case of the internet it can occur on your own site or any number of other secondary sites.

In the world of customer service touchpoints are intensely important. They can often define a customer’s first impression of the the product and cause them to become immediately loyal or offended. For this reason it is important to know and understand all the ways a person can interact with your product.

For A Clean Life I approach touchpoints like a business would to enjoy the dogged determination, but also keep things open and collaborative. After all it is more important to get others involved and understanding the mission than it is to sell something. Further I want to develop trust that can lead to curiosity and eventually growth.

Possibly three of the hardest things to cultivate!

No matter, doggedeness shines through and here are two new touchpoints for y’all.

Email – Weekly Newsletter

I actually like subscribing to email newsletters. To me my inbox represents a private space where I can closely monitor whatever I’m obsessed with. For a broader perspective I move out into the social web and patrol Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.

weekly newsletter mail chimp a clean lifeFor my weekly newsletter I tried to recreate what I enjoy in newsletters. Not a lot of flash or pictures just compelling stories, easy to read, and well placed links to the content. This way you can easily browse and click to the site for more.

I hope I have accomplished something clean and simple with the newsletter. You can preview it with the screenshot at the right.

Feel free to sign up (the registration box is at the top of every page). Let me know about any tweaks or suggestions.

Facebook Fan Page

The Facebook fan page has been around for a while but only recently caught fire. More and more of the incoming readers are coming from Facebook. This is partially due to an ad I placed (pic at below, right). It is working fairly well and so far has cost me nothing (coupons!).

facebook ad for a clean life ninja locavoreMore importantly it allows folks to “Like” the fan page allowing me to create an ongoing relationship with new folks. Maybe it will also introduce existing members to new like-minded individuals.

There is also a new Facebook widget on the right of every page now. Where folks can “like” right from the site and gives the rest of us a fun view of everyone’s profile pics.

These are the newest touchpoints for A Clean Life. I hope you like them and thanks for all the support.

PS – because you read all the way to the bottom and because I love stats, here is a screenshot of my stats for running this ad:

stats for facebook ad dollars cost clicks actions