Summer Celebration At Eastwinds

Summer Party at Eastwinds

We are throwing a party!

Come on over to Eastwinds for some food, friends, music, and good times. This event is going to be an exciting fun filled evening with music, door prizes, raffle giveaways and more. It’s the perfect way to spend your Sunday evening.

This is a charity event with a donation of $25. Your donation is tax deductible and gets free food, door prizes, and wine. The food will be some of the most popular dishes in Orange County created by Ned Sheng owner of EastWinds:

  • Twin Season Shrimp
  • Avocado Wontons
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Egg Foo Young

Ned will also be offering drink specials on some of his best drinks like the

  • Pink Geisha
  • Plum Sake
  • East Winds Iced Tea
  • Hawaiian Sake Punch
  • Chocolate Buttercup
  • Sake Sling


The party will be at Eastwinds Asian Cuisine in Huntington Beach on Sunday July 12 from 5-8pm. Reservations are required.


  • 7114 Edinger Avenue – Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (google maps)
  • From LA: take the 405 to exit 18 for Golden W St/Bolsa Ave – go 2 blocks – turn left just past Edinger
  • From SD: take the 405 – exit onto Beach Blvd/CA-39 – turn right on Edinger – go two blocks – turn into the shopping center


  • Door Prizes/Raffle
  • Local Recycled Art on Display
  • Free Asian Fusion Food
  • Amazing Drink Specials
  • Friends, Family and Good Times!


To reserve your spot please RSVP using PayPal below. The charity event is $25 per person. This includes food, drink specials, door prizes, and a tax deductible donation.


We are looking for sponsors for our event to contribute at the Green ($100) and Super Green ($250) levels. To donate please contact us at ( (202-683-8675).

Guest List & Sponsors

  1. Ned ShengTitleHeader
  2. Scott McKimmey
  3. Jessica Liston
  4. Ian Hornstein
  5. Matt Johnston
  6. Steven J. Mandzik
  7. Shawn MandzikPicture 1
  8. Steven A. Mandzik
  9. Eric Zuercher
  10. Amy Senger
  11. Krystal Burnett
  12. Elliott Ho
  13. Daniel Morgan
  14. Sarah Ward
  15. Daniel Queiroz
  16. Nick Calvert
  17. Melissa Calvert
  18. Erica Liston
  19. Scott Freyman
  20. Nicky Lundstrom
  21. Chris Powell
  22. Spencer Mandzik
  23. Susan Mandzik

Launch Party at Tattoo in Washington DC

A Clean Life Launch Party

Party Flier

The charity event turned out to be a real party!

Thanks for everyone for coming including our over 100 guests, Kate Michael (kstreetkate), Robyn Mincher (washington post express), Sarah Cannon (videographer), and all of our fantastic sponsors.



The charity event was held on May 21, 2009 at Tattoo Bar in Washington DC in a partnership with Amy Senger of 1X57. Doors opened at 7pm with free drinks from our sponsors, Absolut and Fuze, for the first hour. Stay later and the bar was open again at 10pm for free Absolut Fuze drinks.

At the door we had have raffle prizes and champagne. You can find Tattoo Bar in downtown DC:

  • 1413 K St NW, Washington DC, 20005 (google maps)
  • Metro: one block away from McPherson Sq (serves blue, orange lines)
  • Parking: street parking is available but limited


Our sponsors were fantastic! We had donations of excellent raffle prizes. Our top sponsors, listed below, contributed at our  “Green” ($100) and “Super Green” ($250) levels.


There are so many talented artists out there! Thanks to Mark Routt, Christiane Routt, Jenna McAlister, & Tom Hedrick. Your donations and new friendships mean a lot.

Guest List & Sponsors

  1. Amy Senger
  2. Steven Mandzik
  3. John-Michael Scott
  4. Kirby Plessas
  5. Matthew Paige
  6. Michelle Giluso
  7. Katie Tobin
  8. Andrea Baker
  9. Garrett Strzok
  10. Matt Nahlik
  11. Lauren Lee
  12. Michelle Hilaire
  13. Amanda Sena
  14. Chris Rasmussen
  15. Spencer Mandzik
  16. Susan Mandzik
  17. Kelly Ann Collins
  18. Cathryn Sitterding
  19. Jenson Daniel
  20. Daniel Cramer
  21. Andrea Van Dell
  22. Jamie Hess
  23. Joanna Baden-Mayer
  24. Harold Bennett
  25. Matt Rogers
  26. Joanna Alexis
  27. Sean Wohltman
  28. Catherine Barker
  29. Shana Glickfield
  30. Maxine Teller
  31. Georgie English
  32. Marni Cohen
  33. Reese Gardner
  34. Anna Tant
  35. Moe Alrob
  36. Michael Romeo
  37. Fletcher Gill
  38. Michael Mossoba
  39. Erin Uyttewaal
  40. Kendall Richardson
  41. Mark Jacobson
  42. Jennifer Eyrich
  43. Lena Lee
  44. Dan Flatla
  45. Nydia Clayton
  46. Ron Mecredy
  47. Javan Sher
  48. Stevens C. Berry
  49. Jay Faires
  50. John Lauttamus
  51. Mark Klupt
  52. Raymond Embry
  53. Kate Michael
  54. Eric Burka
  55. Kristin Burka
  56. Mandeep Mehram
  57. Justin Franks
  58. Makeda Saggau-Sackey
  59. Lewis Shepherd
  60. Loren Herrington Teague
  61. Adam Korobow
  62. Mark Drapeau
  63. Teka Thomas
  64. Blair Milligan
  65. Melissa Vallejo
  66. Christiane Routt
  67. Mark Routt
  68. Jenna McAlister
  69. Sean Dennehy
  70. Tom Hedrick
  71. Joshua Marcuse
  72. Becca Thompson
  73. Margot Miller
  74. Alexandra Pryor
  75. Pia Carla
  76. Sana Pervaiz
  77. Andrea Leigh
  78. Julie Eaton
  79. Joanna Lee
  80. Mathew L. Hebert
  81. John Burns
  82. Jason Moore
  83. Ellen Grantham
  84. Yudha Permana
  85. Viq Hussain
  86. Britta Lindgren
  87. Matias Bernstein
  88. Benjamin Maiorino
  89. Samira Kristina Azzam
  90. Trena Elise Woods
  91. David Fraley
  92. Alexandra Robinson
  93. Andrew Reese
  94. Joanna Hatzis
  95. Jelena Eaj
  96. Tara Lewis
  97. Caitlin Rundle
  98. Lauren Massad
  99. Christina Holden
  100. Lisa Rambo
  101. Abeer Abdallah
  102. Erika Miller

And more, but my wrist is tired! 🙂

A Clean Life Weekly Newsletter – Googlizer

Wow another week has passed in our clean lives. In looking back at the last newsletter I realized how quickly my operations are going, and that is great. The first goal in starting this business was to move extremely fast.

California State Route 1
California State Route 1 by goodrob13
I have quickly learned the lay of the land here in Southern California through field visits to business and in working with family and friends. The short and dirty of the sentiment is that everyone is extremely supportive but no one is doing anything. What!?

Southern California has a big city mentality of being too busy and expecting someone else to tell them when to reduce their waste. It’s kind of embarrassing the lack of social consciousness so many exhibit. With millions of people living in this area I have my work cut out for me.

Which means I’m hitting the mattresses and going back to my roots, grassroots building that is. I’m starting to formulate a 6 month strategy to raise that social consciousness and will even begin completely rewriting our corporate strategic plan to reflect this.

In other news, on Thursday my housemates (brothers, parents) put out our landfill can for the trashmen with it being only 1/3 full. Amazing! In one week we have already massively reduced our waste output. In fact, this reduction is without any of us changing our shopping habits instead just getting better at recycling and introducing composting into our household.

So, I have laid out a new goal for us….to become the first Southern California zero waste household!

All right well there is so much more going on, but for now I’ll end with our next fundraiser. It’s going to be July 12 from 4-6pm at Eastwinds in Huntington Beach. Save the date!



We’re Throwing Party!

A Clean Life has partnered up with Amy Senger of 1X57 to bring you our first charity event!

It will be on Thursday, May 21 during the happy hour of 7pm.

The location is in Washington DC, soon to be announced. In attendance will be anywhere from 100-150 interesting people.

Register now to attend!

Since it is a charity event there is a suggested donation amount of $25 that will be tax deductible (and include a receipt). Never too early to get your tax deductions..

Tell your friends and relatives 🙂

Also, we are looking for interesting people to contribute. Our needs are:

  • Sponsorships
  • Raffle Items (gift cards, cheap and expensive bottles of whisky, etc.)
  • Amateur Photographers (and videographers too)
  • Chef desserts, fresh made
  • Tech angle (twttr mash-up, live streaming, etc.)
  • Also, send any interesting ideas you may have…